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Organic development of milking machine accessories

2021-09-03 03:08:46

 Sales of organic livestock products around the world are growing rapidly. The price of milking machine accessories is 37% higher than that of milk, so the use of small milking machine accessories will bring organic development of animal husbandry:

1, milking machine accessories are designed for small and medium-sized cattle farms. Dairy farms can best monitor cows and treat each cow differently. On the premise of no major changes to the original barn, mechanized milking can be realized, and it is convenient to expand the size of the cattle farm or update the original milking system.

2, milking machine accessories are equipped with advanced combined milk collection system, the system adopts streamline modeling, eliminating the traditional receiving tank cleaning dead Angle can ensure milk hygiene. Milking machine accessories have been pre-installed and debugging before delivery, the quality of equipment is stable and reliable.

Due to the large development space of dairy industry, the demand for milking machine accessories will continue to expand, so on the whole, the development of organic milking machine accessories, to achieve the specified goal, is a qualitative leap in the future.

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