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Advantages of milking parlors

2021-08-21 08:53:39

Everyone to understand somewhat, for milking parlour shall be milking staff in the office work, convenient and clean, it is also one of the advantages of the place, but note that if the environment is not up to standard of the hall, to the health of workers, cows can have influence, advantages of the location so it must stay live, in order to make the place more long-term use. Here are a few points to illustrate the advantages of this place.

(1) Cows are milked in a milking hall with good sanitary conditions. After milk is extruded, the milk flows directly into the milk tank through the pipe, and there is no pollution in the middle. Moreover, hall milking cleaning effect is better, can more effectively on the milk cup inner sleeve, milk tube wall and cylinder wall and other milk contact with the equipment for complete cleaning and disinfection, so, the use of hall milking machine is conducive to improving the quality of milk.

(2) Most milkers can work standing up without bending down, which is more comfortable and labor-saving. Besides, the auxiliary equipment in this place has been automated or semi-automated, which is more conducive to improving labor efficiency.

(3) Compared with traditional feeding and milking design, hall milking can not only save construction cost and land area, but also facilitate feeding, dung removal and milking mechanization, which is more convenient for cattle management.

Milking parlour internal parts and related equipment is more complete, and the accident or occurrence probability problems, so the staff whether there are abnormal in view the workplace, more attention to the running situation of milking equipment, found the problem earlier can timely processing, will not work in milking during sudden bad situation, Resulting in casualties of people and cows.

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