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Factors affecting filtering effect of milking machine

2021-08-21 09:15:36


Milking machine has been widely used, the use of this machine is time-saving, but also to create income, users can not love it? But when users use it, they will find that sometimes the milk is not very good. Why is this? In fact, this situation is related to the machine's filtration. The filtering effect of the machine is not good, so there will be impurities in the milk and other bad things, so the quality of the milk is not satisfactory. So, what are the factors that affect its filtering effect?

1. Hardness: the filter paper of the milking machine will become wet when it is filtered. Some long-term filtration experimental steps should consider using tough filter paper after wet water.

2, applicability: some machine filter paper is completed by special production steps, such as in testing medicine for the determination of nitrogen content in the blood, must use nitrogen free filter paper, etc.

3. Filtration efficiency: the density and size of the seepage holes on the filter paper of the accessories affect its filtration efficiency. High efficiency filter paper filter speed is fast, but also high resolution.

4, capacity: the solid particles accumulated during the filtration of accessories may block the holes on the filter paper, so the more intensive the seepage holes are, the higher the capacity is, the more the filter is allowed to filter.

Once again encountered this situation, we can from the above four aspects to find reasons to do a check. Attention should be paid to the regular maintenance of the milking machine, check whether there is a problem with the vulnerable parts before use, if there is a problem to immediately replace the vulnerable parts, remember to clean the machine after use, to prevent the breeding of germs.

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