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What are the causes of shrinkage of milking machine accessories

2021-08-21 09:21:51

After the milking machine accessories are used for a long time, the paint surface will shrink and become very ugly. Then, what are the reasons for the shrinkage of the accessories? Next xiaobian for you to explain it in detail!

1. The paint layer on the milking machine accessories is too thick or too wet, so that the inner and outer paint cannot release solvent and dry at the same speed, resulting in paint deformation and wrinkles.

2. Improper drying methods lead to uneven paint drying, such as drying the paint layer just sprayed, forced drying too fast or high temperature in the spray shop will cause shrinkage.

3. The use of quick-drying thinner or the use of volatile paint thinner in enamel will cause the paint surface of milking machine accessories to shrink.

In addition, in addition to the above three reasons, paint quality is not qualified, external environmental factors will also make the milking machine accessories paint shrink, so we should pay more attention to the actual construction, take effective measures to make the equipment beautiful.

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