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Detailed introduction of milking machine rotation common sense

2021-08-21 09:09:28

The rotation of milking machine can be fixed arbitrarily by gear and stepless speed regulation can be achieved by electronic governor. Is the use of equipment is more important points. Therefore, in order to better use the milking machine, we have to understand the common sense of this aspect. The following article is a detailed introduction for you.

1. The rotation direction of the milking machine is determined according to what you stand on. Facing the feed port, when you are on the right side of the feed port, it should be clockwise.

2. The distance between the product and the sieve is not fixed. The thickness of the material can be adjusted.

3, the rotation of different types of accessories is slightly different, such as the rotation direction of the jaw milking machine is standing at the feed port, moving jaw from up to down. The rotation direction of the counterattack is the rotation direction of the hammer head towards the counterattack plate.

Users in the selection of milking machine, often because of the single parts of the speed is too high or torque is too small and can not meet their needs, so at this time, if we can improve the rotation of the milking machine, we can make up for this drawback, so that you will increase the benefit.

Do you understand the above content? I hope I can help you.

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