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Three ways to sterilize milking machines

2021-08-21 08:47:47

Although staff will in milking machine after using in cleaning, but because of the influence of the milk room environment, or staff to clean thoroughly, this equipment use over time the surface still can't avoid the presence of bacteria, this time, it is not a simple cleaning can handle things, sterilization must be in some ways. Here are three commonly used sterilization methods:

1. Hot water circulating sterilization: when sterilization, the food in the milking machine is soaked in hot water, and the heat distribution in this way is relatively uniform.

2, steam sterilization: directly into the steam heating, because in the sterilization process there will be cold air in the product, so this way the heat distribution is not the most uniform.

3, water spray type sterilization: this way is to use the nozzle or spray pipe hot water spray to the milking machine, sterilization process is through installed within the sterilization products or the top on both sides of the nozzle, spraying a mist of hot water to the surface of the waves, so not only the temperature even no dead Angle, and the rapid rate of warming and cooling, to comprehensive, rapid and stable for sterilization.

Therefore, when cleaning the milking machine, we must use the above three ways to sterilize regularly. If we don't care about sterilization, after a period of time, we will find that the use effect of the equipment will decline, which seriously affects the efficiency of its use. Of course, when sterilization needs to be carried out in accordance with the relevant operating procedures, to ensure that the equipment in the process of sterilization there will be no failure.

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