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With professional technology and stable quality, we focus on the R & D and production of boilers and heating systems

Professional technology, stable quality, we focus on the development and production of boilers and heating systems

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     Zibo lukin machinery factory mainly produces milking machine, various types milk machine, gas pulse apparatus, electronic pulse machine, automatic glass of electronic measurement, milking machine accessories, vacuum pump, stainless steel products, etc., since its inception has been committed to the application of mechanical milking technology promotion, the milk cow breeding methods and mechanical status quo at home and abroad are compared on the basis of in-depth study, Production is suitable for dairy farmers and dairy farms of various sizes of different types of milking machines. All products through the national technical supervision department of quality testing, the current production scale, machine performance, product quality, sales price in the industry has a good reputation.

    The main parts of milking machine are: vacuum pump, pulsator, motor, milk collector, milk tube, milk bucket, etc., all adopt new technology, so as to ensure the overall performance of the machine.

    Our factory has always been to promote mechanical milking technology promote the sale of milking machine, adhere to the user is serious technology promotion, implementing active after-sales service, guarantee the supply of spare parts, so as to establish a good corporate image, product sales increased rapidly, many dairy barn, dairy and dairy cows in the use of the milking machine produced by our company.

    The products sell well in more than 20 provinces, cities and districts in mainland China, and have been exported to Asia, America, Africa, Oceania, Europe and many other countries in recent years, and are well received by users. Our factory strictly abide by the contract, to ensure quality, and can provide thoughtful service, to ensure your satisfaction! Our factory adhering to the "customer is God" business philosophy, with strong technology, perfect after-sales service, so that users have no worries.

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