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What is the role of flow regulating valve?

2021-09-03 03:06:34

With the development of science and technology, the milking machine in the dairy industry has gradually replaced the traditional manual milking method, but the milking machine depends on the milking machine accessories to work. Milking machine accessories wholesale is designed for small and medium-sized cattle farms. Dairy farms can monitor cows most effectively and treat each cow differently. Mechanized milking can be realized without major changes to the original barn, and the size of the barn can be expanded or the original milking system can be easily updated.

Regulating valve is one of the many accessories of the milking machine, it can play a good control role on the milking machine, so once the attachment damage, will affect the normal use of the milking machine. What is the function of this accessory? Flow regulating valve is mainly to effectively control the flow area, from the inlet to the outlet to form a gradually reduced cross-section of the flow channel, so as to gradually increase the flow of fluid, and through the circumferential hole to the direction of the pipeline jet collision, so as to achieve the purpose of decompression and flow regulation.

1.When the milking machine accessories are in the state of small flow, flow regulating valve has good energy dissipation effect on the fluid, so as to effectively prevent cavitation erosion.

2. When working at a large flow rate, the valve can reduce part of the fluid energy and retain part of the fluid energy to ensure that the valve has sufficient flow capacity.

3. The flow rate can be controlled and a constant flow rate can be maintained.

4. Realize the adjustment within the range of large pressure difference and keep the pressure after the valve stable.

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Due to the development of dairy industry is very large, the wholesale demand for milking machine accessories will continue to expand, so on the whole, the development of milking machine accessories to achieve the specified goal is a qualitative leap in the future.

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