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What is the function of regulating valve for milking machine accessories

2021-08-21 09:36:54


Pressure regulating valve is one of the many milking machine accessories, which can play a good control role on the milking machine, so once the accessories damage will affect the normal use of the milking machine. So what exactly does the accessory do?

The flow regulating valve is mainly to effectively control the flow area from the entrance to the outlet section of the flow channel is decreasing, so that the flow velocity of the fluid is rising, and through the circumferential direction of the porous, to the direction of the pipeline jet collision, so as to achieve the purpose of decompression, regulating the flow.

1. Flow regulating valve has good energy dissipation effect on fluid when milking machine accessories are in small flow condition and can effectively prevent cavitation erosion.

2, when the large flow condition, the valve can reduce part of the fluid energy, and part of the fluid energy is reserved to ensure that the valve has enough flow capacity.

3, realize flow control, can maintain constant flow.

4, the realization of large pressure difference within the range of adjustment, maintain the valve pressure stability.

Therefore, whether it is the regulating valve of the milking machine accessories or any other accessory facilities, it is necessary to operate correctly, so as to make it play a normal role, so as to make the function of the milking machine better play out.

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