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Why is the pulsator insulated

2021-09-03 03:35:29


Pulsators are usually made of insulating materials, so many people wonder why this device is made of insulating materials. In fact, it is because the use of insulating materials not only improves the safety of the device, but also has other advantages. In order to help you answer this question, this article explains this question in detail, interested friends can have a look.

1, insulating material gas strength, and a very low dielectric constant. It has good mechanical strength, is not brittle and easy to machine. And there are a lot of varieties of specifications, easy to pulsator for a variety of choices.

2, its mechanical and electrical performance indicators are only high, and what is more outstanding is that these indicators are not sensitive to the surrounding humidity and temperature. In addition, it still has excellent performance under high temperature, low temperature, high humidity and severe salt fog pollution, which depends on its stable molecular structure and chemical properties.

3, the production and manufacturing of insulation materials, in terms of safety has a certain guarantee, but also conducive to the stability of the use, so as to more ensure our benefits.

We know from the above introduction to pulsator, insulation believe everyone like small make up all have a lot of knowledge, this is good for you better, and make the equipment work better, hope the above content can help you, pay more attention to consult please lukin machinery factory in zibo's official website, The company focuses on the production and sales of milking machine accessories, welcome new and old customers to call to discuss cooperation!



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