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Factors affecting milking equipment

2021-09-03 03:31:38

Milking equipment is one of dairy farm equipment. Used for milking cows. It is composed of milking device and vacuum device.

Milking equipment has fixed and mobile two categories. Fixed type and pail type, pipe type and milking room type 3. Pail milking equipment is a milking device and portable milk pail assembly together, the milk directly into the pail, suitable for tethered cattle stalls. Pipe milking equipment will be milked milk through the milk pipe to the milk shed, can reduce pollution and reduce labor intensity, suitable for 300 or so medium-sized dairy cattle holding shed. Milking room type milking equipment is to make the cows along the specified channel sequence into the milking room, milk through the pipeline into the milk room, its equipment utilization rate is high. There is also a device for feeding concentrate in the milking room, which is suitable for large dairy farms with about 500 head scattered and raised in isolation. The milking device and vacuum device of the mobile milking equipment are mounted on the trolley or on the mobile milking table and are suitable for pasture milking.

The factors affecting the performance of milking equipment are vacuum degree, pulsation frequency and beat ratio. The pulsation rate is the number of milking cups per minute. The rapid pulsation frequency can relax the breast sphincter and speed up the flow of milk from the nipple, thus shortening the milking time. But during the massage beat of the milking cup, a small amount of milk can flow back into the nipple from the nipple chamber, which can bring germs into the breast and cause disease. Therefore, the pulsation frequency should not be too fast or too slow, but should be commensurate with the number of heart pulsations of cows, 50 to 60 times per minute is appropriate. The main factor affecting the pulsation frequency is vacuum degree. The milking rate, milking time, pulsation frequency and beat ratio will all change when the vacuum degree changes. The vacuum degree is too high, will make the breast residual milk amount increased, so that the nipple congestion, causing breast diseases; Too low a vacuum will slow milking and cause the cups to fall off. When the fluctuation quantity is too large, can also cause instant air countercurrent, bring the bacteria into the breast. Therefore, the vacuum degree of milking is required to be stable in the range of 43 ~ 53 kpa, and the fluctuation does not exceed 2.5 ~ 4 kpa.

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