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Dairy sheep milking machine operation process analysis, correct milk sheep comfortable

2021-09-03 03:30:06

Although the use of dairy sheep milking machine can greatly improve the work efficiency and improve the cleanliness of milk, the following points should be paid attention to when using dairy sheep milking machine. Only by operating in strict accordance with the requirements of the specification can we achieve the ultimate goal of using dairy sheep milking machine:

1. Before milking, clean and disinfect the milking machine carefully to ensure that the milked milk meets the hygienic quality requirements. At the same time, should observe and touch the breast appearance whether there is swelling, heat pain and trauma, and then put each milk area into the cup with a face net, check whether there are clots, flocs and water in the milk, so that clinical mastitis can be found in time, prevent mastitis milk mixed with normal milk.

2, the milking workers must be relatively stable, at the same time, the attitude to the cow to be gentle, not to beat the cow, so as not to develop the evil habit of the cow.

3. The nipple rubber of the dairy sheep milking machine should have enough elasticity and suitable size to adapt to the use of different sizes of milk cows' nipples.

4, dairy sheep milking machine should not have any harmful stimulation of dairy cows, so as not to affect the health of dairy cows breast and normal milk.

Normal operation process analysis of milking machine, correct milking of milk sheep comfortable. So the dairy sheep will be healthier and produce more fresh milk for us.

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