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Daily protection of milking machines

2021-09-03 03:28:13

Daily protection of milking machines

(a) cleaning of the milk cup once a week, the milk cup will be disassembled, the stainless steel milk cup, milk cup rubber cover and pulsating short tube table wash clean, dry, and then loaded rape. When the milking machine manufacturer installs back to the original position, the top and middle of the milk cup sleeve should be in a straight line to avoid distortion and damage to the cow's nipple.

(2) Protection of the pulsator The pulsator is the heart of the milking machine, and each part requires extreme precision, which is the key to ensure the normal operation of the milking machine. Its protection should be every two months carefully clean the moving parts and pulsator shell, use tap water and flexible cleaning agent, brush with hair brush to remove dirt, rinse with clean water after cool dry, pay attention to the sequence of disassembly. This should be done at least once a month if the milking machine is operated under very humid or dusty conditions. At the same time, pay attention to the milk into the pulsator should be cleaned and dried in time. Milking machine manufacturers advocate at least once a year with pulsator tester pulsation frequency and pulsation ratio, the best by professional part or milking machine skills service personnel. If pulsator needs overhaul, be about to contact with dealer.

(3) Cleaning of milk collector once a week should be dismantled milk collector, manual cleaning of all parts. In the cleaning process, we should pay attention to check the rubber parts, such as cracks and aging, and replace them in time.

(four) the protection of vacuum pump vacuum pump is the power component of the whole milking system, milking machine factory its function directly affects the function of the milking machine, therefore, its protection and maintenance is very important.

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Adhere to the vacuum tank and regulator filter clean: vacuum pump is not allowed to have any small debris into, otherwise its function will be greatly affected, and even the formation of destruction. The vacuum tank of the milking machine manufacturer is the primary channel for the entry of debris, so the internal cavity should be cleaned after each milking. Pay attention to the next milking before milking, if there is debris in, it needs to wipe again. The filter of the vacuum voltage regulator should be cleaned regularly and clean to ensure the normal operation of the voltage regulator. Do not boot without a filter, because this will make the air debris into the vacuum pump. If the vacuum pump absorbs milk, it must stop immediately and flush the vacuum tank and rubber vacuum tube, otherwise it will burn the motor.

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