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Key points of safe operation of milking machine

2021-09-03 03:25:56

High quality milk can only be produced by safe operation of milking machine. The principle of milking machine is to imitate the physiological action of Suckling calf. The pulsator generates milking and rest beats. If the cows are not healthy, they cannot produce high-quality milk. So today to understand the safety of the milking machine operation points.

1. Debugging, cleaning and disinfection of milking machine accessories before use. All milking machines must be carefully calibrated and cleaned before they are put into use. Before milking, the milking machine pipes, milk tubes, metering bottles, milk collectors, milk cup linings and milk collection tanks should be rinsed with 40℃ hot water circulation for 3-5 minutes to ensure that the sanitary conditions of these working parts meet the requirements.

2. Adjust the pulsation frequency and vacuum pressure of the milking machine. The pulsation frequency and vacuum pressure of milking machine are two very important performance parameters, which must be checked and adjusted at any time. Under normal conditions, all milking machines pulsate at a rate of 60 beats/min and operate at a vacuum pressure of 50 kpa. With mechanical milking, the health of cows is very important.

Before using the milking machine on the basis of providing equipment manufacturers, combined with the actual conditions of the users themselves, meticulous, strictly formulated high maneuverability, quantification of operational procedures, as far as possible dairy farmers, dairy farms and village, the number of cows should be according to their respective site actual condition such as size, financing ability and raising reasonable milking machine varieties and types of choose and buy.

The above is to share the knowledge of safe operation of milking machine today, Zibo Lujin machine specializing in the production of cow milking machine, milking machine accessories, stainless steel milk barrel, pulsator, milk sheep milking machine, milk collector, milk barrel and other related products, welcome to inquire, cooperation and negotiation!



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