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Scope of application of milking machine

2021-09-03 03:23:56

Milking machines can be divided into mobile and fixed types according to most categories. Today xiaobian is mainly for you to explain the fixed, which can be divided into and divided into pipe type, milking room type and bucket type 3, which are suitable for different scope.

1, the pipe milking equipment will be milked milk through the milk pipe to the milk room, can reduce pollution and reduce labor intensity, suitable for 300 or so medium-sized dairy cattle holding shed.

2, milking room type milking machine is to make the cows along the specified channel sequence into the milking room, milk through the pipeline into the milk room, its equipment utilization rate is high. There is also a device for feeding concentrate in the milking room, which is suitable for large dairy farms with about 500 head scattered and raised in isolation. The milking device and vacuum device of the mobile milking machine are mounted on the trolley or removable milking table and are suitable for pasture milking.

3, bucket milking machine is the milking device and portable milk pail assembly together, the milk directly into the milk pail, suitable for tethering cattle shed.

No matter what kind of milking machine, the basic principle is to simulate the Suckling action of calves by using the suction action produced by the vacuum device, and the milk will be sucked out. The specific use can be determined according to the situation.

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