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How to prevent the milking machine surface paint deformation

2021-09-03 03:21:56

Milking machine in use will pay attention to more surface details, milking machine surface beauty measurement standards is the surface of the paint, but in the use of a period of time will find that his paint has shrunk phenomenon, so what is the reason for this situation? Today xiaobian and you learn together:

1, the paint layer is too thick or too wet, this reason will make the inner paint and outer paint can not release solvent and dry at the same speed, the milking machine paint will appear deformation and wrinkles. In this case, the method of multiple spraying should be used to reduce the thickness of the coating layer of one-time spraying.

2. Improper drying method leads to uneven drying of paint surface of milking machine. If the paint layer just sprayed is dried or forced to dry too fast, or the paint shop temperature is too high, it will cause shrinkage, which will delay the drying speed of the inner paint. When the inner paint dries, the surface paint of the milking machine will shrink.

3. Using the wrong thinner or incompatible material. The use of quick-drying thinner or the use of volatile paint thinner in enamels can cause shrinkage. Fast drying thinner should be used according to regulations, and the amount of fast drying thinner should be reduced during high temperature season.

The above is about how to prevent the milking machine surface paint deformation. Of course, the cause of the paint shrinking of the milking machine may also be other reasons, such as the influence of the external environment, so more attention should be paid to the actual construction.

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