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How to disinfect the milking machine

2021-09-03 03:18:59

  The use of milking machine to solve the traditional manual milking efficiency is low, unsanitary and other disadvantages, now has been popularized, in order to ensure the milk and other milk products hygiene, before and after the use of this equipment should be disinfected, how to do it, together with the following:

(1) Before milking

Clean with clean water in accordance with health standards to remove possible residual microorganisms, lye and acid, cleaning cycle time is about 2 to 10 minutes.

(2) After milking

Pre-washing: do not need any cleaning agent, washing water temperature at 35℃ ~ 46℃, if there is foreign matter in the rubber lining of the milking machine, you can use a brush to clean manually.

Alkaline washing: the initial temperature of alkaline washing shall be above 74℃, and the water temperature shall not be lower than 41℃ after circulation. Alkaline lotion concentration pH 11.5.

Pickling: the purpose is to clean the residual minerals in the pipeline. The pickling temperature is between 35℃ and 46℃, the cycle pickling time takes 5 minutes, and the pH value of the concentration of pickling solution is 3.5.

Rinse with clean water and clean with clean water in line with the sanitary standards of drinking water. The cleaning cycle time is 2 minutes to 10 minutes to remove possible residual acid, lye, microorganisms and peculiar smell.

That is to say, the milking machine should not only be disinfected after milking, but also need to be cleaned before use, in case of emergencies. The staff should pay attention to details when disinfecting, such as its time, temperature, and ph value of pickling and alkali washing, so as to achieve better disinfection effect.

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