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Milking machine - refiner of new age nutrition

2021-09-03 03:17:36

The milking machine is mainly through vacuum suction and then suction. There are also several aspects to be paid attention to during the use of milking animals through the action of Suckling. First of all, milking cows or sheep that have never produced milk should be done gently, otherwise they will oppose it. In addition, different bottle mouth should be facing different cows, so that the operation will be more accurate, and the attitude towards them should be gentle.

Milking machine before and after the use is also to pay attention to its maintenance details, so as to prolong the overall service life. Generally, when cleaning, we should pay attention to the use of 40 degrees of hot water and rinse for 5 minutes in order to be enough to clean. Only when it is thoroughly cleaned can we ensure that the next use is completely normal operation, every week is to check the milk pump check valve once, which is also effectively prevent the use of good operation, but also increase its service life.

The above is to introduce the milking machine for you. If you want to know more information, please pay attention to this website.

Zibo lukin machinery factory mainly produces milking machine, various types milk machine, gas pulse apparatus, electronic pulse machine, automatic glass of electronic measurement, milking machine accessories, vacuum pump, stainless steel products, etc., since its inception has been committed to the application of mechanical milking technology promotion, the milk cow breeding methods and mechanical status quo at home and abroad are compared on the basis of in-depth study, Production is suitable for dairy farmers and dairy farms of various sizes of different types of milking machine specifications. All products through the national technical supervision department of quality testing, the current production scale, machine performance, product quality, sales price has an advantage in the same industry.



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