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Components of milking machine accessories

2021-09-03 03:12:09

Today xiaobian with you to understand the composition of milking machine accessories:

1. Frame: it is composed of cangue, cangue support frame, pipe column, measuring bottle support, etc. The frame determines the main structure of the equipment;

2, vacuum system: including water ring vacuum pump unit, pressure regulating separation tank, vacuum pressure regulator, vacuum gauge, vacuum gas pipe, safety device, etc.

3. Pulsation system: pulsation system controls the pulsation frequency and pulsation ratio of the milking cup to ensure that the cows produce milk in a peaceful and peaceful state;

4, milk collection system: including milk cup group, milk tube, milk collection tank, etc.;

5, milk automatic output system: from the electric control box. Liquid level sensor, milk pump, check valve, milk pipe and milk filter;

6, milk measurement system: by measuring bottles. Support, milk feeding rubber tube, milk switch box plastic milk tube, etc.

7, milking equipment cleaning to ensure water temperature and drainage temperature, so as not to affect the cleaning effect.

Do you understand the components of milking machine accessories above?

Zibo lukin machinery factory mainly produces milking machine, various types milk machine, gas pulse apparatus, electronic pulse machine, automatic cup off electronic measurement, all kinds of milking machine accessories, vacuum pump, stainless steel products, etc., since its inception has been committed to the application of mechanical milking technology promotion, the milk cow breeding methods and mechanical status quo at home and abroad are compared on the basis of in-depth study, Production is suitable for dairy farmers and dairy farms of various sizes of different types of milking machines. All products through the national technical supervision department of quality testing, the current production scale, machine performance, product quality, sales price has an advantage in the same industry.



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