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Matters needing attention after milking machine

2021-08-21 09:41:56

Matters needing attention after milking machine:

Cup milking when the reflexes develop, milk should be milked as soon as possible, otherwise the pumping of milk from the mammary blister to the milk pool may be eased or interrupted. Oxytocin usually works for 7 to 8 minutes, and if the cups are not kept in time, the duration of oxytocin's action during milking is shortened, leaving more milk in the breast. Therefore, it is generally required to set the cups within 1 minute after three milks, because the concentration of oxytocin in the blood has risen to its peak at this time. The order of the cup is: from the left side of the milk area clockwise from the beginning of the cup, so that is convenient and safe. Each cup must be covered in a sliding manner and air should be minimized to the top corner of the cup. Milking machine pressure should be set at 49·1~50·8 kPa, pulsator frequency per minute.

Have you understood the above precautions? I hope I can help you.

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