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Lubrication of milking machine

2021-08-21 09:40:02

1. Lubrication mode:

According to the working conditions of the machine, three ways of box lubrication, regular lubricating and oil-free self-lubricating bearings are adopted respectively. Each sliding guide surface is regularly lubricated by oil cup.

2, lubricating oil selection:

Calcium-base grease (GB491-65) is recommended for steel back composite bearings of each roller. If other types of grease are used instead, grease with drop point no less than 160℃ and needle penetration within 325-360 must be selected.

3. Lubrication system and matters needing attention:

Check whether the oil in the milking machine is at the specified oil level before each shift. The whole lubrication system should be cleaned once 150 hours after the machine starts working, and once a year after that.

Today xiaobian for you to bring the lubrication of the milking machine, I hope to help you. If you need professional milking machine and related accessories, please contact us.

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